When cherry trees blossom

    After a rain in L.A. 
    you see the world afresh

    After two days of heavy rain
    I went out today 
    and stopped still when I saw 
    snow-covered mountains like diamonds in the distance

    I thought of Mt. Fuji
    and how good it is to live beneath sacred mountains

    I went in to the park and saw 

    a Japanese-American girl in a kimono, wooden shoes and all 

    And when I noticed

    (click any image to enlarge)

    cherry blossoms
    I understood

    I remembered my time in Kyoto

    Where a man sees his shadow   

    and other sights impossible to categorize

    Today in L.A.
    on a fine day

    Asian-American kids 

    dress up 
    and photograph each other 

    when cherry trees blossom 

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