The Most Interesting Archi-Man in the World

    (With thanks to LACMA and apologies to Dos Equis.)

    He likes his "sustainable" architecture
    with a healthy dose of hedonism.

    Other world leaders might have to apologize,
    but he will stop climate change.

    He can pass through an entire building he designed and see everything,
    in two minutes.

    He improves the aphorisms of giants who came before him.
    And can say more words in one talk, than they said in a lifetime.

    When he appears in public, the next generation lines up to show him his own book.

    At age 36, he has known for years
    what it took other architects lifetimes to understand.

    He's sure juries of important architecture competitions rewrite rules
    so he wins.

    He doesn't design buildings,
    he designs forces of nature, like mountains

     and pyramids.

    His work is so cool, it blows smoke rings.

     He spent three years with Rem Koolhaas, but he remained a charmer.
    Even when he's silent, people listen.

    He is the most interesting Archi-Man in the world. 

    "I don't always drink beer, but when I do,
    I prefer Carlsberg."

    He's Bjarke Ingels.  

    Stay thirsty, my friends. 

    To see Archi-Man in action, click here.

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