Architecture and Design Film Festival - Come see us at the movies!

    Come see us. Say hello, at the

    May 5–9, 2011

    The first annual Architecture & Design Film Festival, Chicago
    Five days celebrating the creative spirit of architecture and design through the art of film!

    Showcasing 39 films from 11 countries, dozens of Q&A's, 
    five panel discussions, two book signings,
    and one reading of a play about 

    Philip Johnson and Mies van der Rohe and Edith Farnsworth.

    Tuesday, May 3
    Screening of Sarah Morris film "Points on a Line"
    Wright Gallery, 1440 W. Hubbard
    Reservations required.

    The following films and events in the festival will be at the Gene Siskel Film Center or the SCREEN@the Wit Hotel

    Thursday, May 5
    Opening night film: "How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster?" 

    Friday, May 6

    5:30–6:30  Panel discussion 
    "Documenting Architecture" with Bjarke Ingels, Zoe Ryan, Iker Gil, and Rick Valicenti  

    8:30–9 Book signing with Bjarke Ingels, Yes is More

    Saturday, May 7
    1–10:30 Films

    1–3 Reading of "The Glass House," a play by June Finfer
    Seating is limited, and tickets may be reserved here.

    3:30–4:30  Panel discussion
     "Design/Build/Learn" with Kyle Bergman, Dave Sellers, Frank Flury, and Hank Jones

    5:30–6:30  Panel discussion
    "Telling Stories" with Geoffrey Baer, Edward Lifson, and Ultan Guilfoyle 

    Sunday, May 8
    Panel discussion
    "Objects of Desire" with Zurich Esposito, Richard Wright, Obi Nwazota and Tim Parsons

    5:00–6:00 Panel discussion
    "Filming Architecture" with Edward Lifson, Lee Bey, Red Mike and Jonathan Rosenbaum  

    6:30–7: Book signing with Jeanne Gang, Reveal
    Monday, May 9

    For more information regarding locations, scheduling, films, and speakers, visit here

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What kind of city, what kind of people, would tear this down?

    Seems to me if you could find someone - even today - to design a building, a place, a monument to maternity, so forward-thinking, so interesting, profoundly smart, honest, daring, ambitious and enlivening, that you'd be grateful. If you could find the money to build it without watering it down, straightening out the curves, oversimplifying it in every way, you'd be proud.

    Well, this building already exists in Chicago, a city lucky to have its legacy, but, as often, destroying greatness for mediocrity. Shame on Northwestern University for planning to tear it down. The image above is from a terrific reuse plan by Landmarks Illinois. With will, creativity and foresight, Prentice Women's Hospital could rather easily continue to contribute to making Chicago a place you'd want to be. Why make your city a less interesting place, less original, with less native character?

    Prentice is by the great Bertrand Goldberg, best-known for Marina City, and always ahead of the curve. 

    Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

    And kudos to Landmarks Illinois for using research and beautiful imagery to "sell" their idea. That's what preservationists, planners and visionaries should always do. That's what Daniel Burnham and Edward H. Bennett did; they showed the public seductive images by Jules Guerin and other artists to "sell" their 1909 Plan of Chicago.Source URL:
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Mies's IIT campus before and after demolition of a corner

    By tearing down a piece of the campus designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe,
    Chicago just got less interesting.

    "I firmly believe a campus must have unity."
    -Mies van der Rohe

    There is no joy in Bronzeville. Mighty Metra has struck out.

    Click images to enlarge. Much more information on the IIT case here

    Which do you like better?


    And now Chicago is fixing to do something equal wrong.

    Mies IIT Chicago Test Cell GunnerySource URL:
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Chicago Debates! - Come see us Tuesday Night --------- Chicago Public Transit: On Track or Derailed?

    Tuesday evening - come out and see us.  I'll moderate a stellar line-up of debaters.

    We'll talk about what Chicago needs to take its public transit from good to great.  And we want to hear your ideas.  Sponsored by the Chicago Architecture Foundation.  The first Chicago Debates-Malls was a grand success and very valuable. Come out for this one, if you ride the rails, take the bus, or think Chicago deserves a better system. Click the image, or here, for more information. I hope to see you there, come say hello.Source URL:
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