If the Chicago Tribune had built Adolph Loos' design for Tribune Tower

    Computer generated, here

    Via John Crosse, who reminds us that Loos' design was surely tied to a Louis Sullivan Kindergarten Chat:
    His design makes an obvious reference to Sullivan's chapter, "A Doric Column" which derided in great detail a design competition for a memorial for the 200th anniversary of the discovery and founding of the City of Detroit. (Note: Sullivan disparaged the Doric Column throughout the Chats). Loos must have been quite pleased with the triple entendre his entry presented and must have had great fun with it's design, obviously knowing that his hero Sullivan would see it and realize his inside joke. Sullivan ended his Doric Column chapter chastising the unnamed architect and the selection process with,
    "So much for decay, so much for cynicism, for pessimism, for the downfall of the sturdy American pioneer, the hunter, the trapper, the woodsman, the riverman, the greatest in the world, the hardiest, the truest and the best - and their memory to consummate in what? A "Doric" Column! In any other land, in any other time, this would seem a fairy tale, so faithless sounds the story - so inhuman a response." (Kindergarten Chats by Louis Sullivan, Scarab Press, p. 62).
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