Can't wait for 1100 more cars in L.A.!

    Love this film of this work of Chris Burden, soon to be seen where the banked turns and slots of the Richard Serras stood in BCAM at LACMA in L.A.

    Click to play. Best enlarged to full screen. 

    Burden's installation will measure 20×30 feet and feature about 1100 matchbox cars traveling in 18 lanes at speeds up to 230 scale mph! Plus 13 toy trains and tracks, all coursing through a landscape of futuristic buildings made of wood, tile, Legos and Lincoln Logs! The sound, as you hear in the film, is as mesmerizing as a Steve Reich - or Elmer Bernstein - soundtrack. "Anxiety-provoking," says artist Chris Burden. Metropolis II, as it's called, will run and run and run at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art beginning this fall.

    Shades of Fritz Lang's Metropolis

    Charles and Ray Eames's films of toys

    Walt Disney's Autopia at Disneyland

    and of course, the best of all

    childhood memories. 
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